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Jax Beach Pier 1960's (Restored & Colorized)
Jax Beach 1960’s (restored & colorized)

Jax Beach 1960’s – Restored

How blessed I was to be asked to restore this black and white image, and colorize it. Thinking about what would need to be accomplished was slightly daunting, to say the least, but I felt I was up for the task, so I only thought about what I would do next, then next…so that daunting feeling would stay at bay. 🙂

Restoring the black and white of the image was it’s own challenge since the image was blown out and had “issues” either from the maker or time. Thankfully, I was able to restore the detail in the image in PS, yet keep it from looking too awfully dark. I knew that adding color, the next step, would help filling in detail as well.

Adding color to the sand, water and sky were fixes more easily accomplished, but still required blending to keep the detail behind the color.

For the cars…oh the cars…I looked up car colors for the models people were driving at the time. Did you know that color charts exist for those old cars? Amazing. Anyway, since I was from this era and my dad loved cars when I was growing up, I could tell most of the makes and models. Of course, I have friends and old classmates that helped me identify some of the cars I could not. This mattered because I needed to choose the car colors from that model. Believe it or not, but red for Fords is different than Reds for Chevrolet. And, the two-tone cars were all the rage…so we had to figure that out, as well. Again, blending became key to the detail and authenticity.

The boardwalk…well, that took some research and asking a lot of locals that remembered there time there to figure out colors, etc. Thankfully, the Life Guard station is still there….but that’s about all that still remains. The stories I heard as people remembered their days as a child on the beach.

Swimsuits, towels and humans…well, I was a part of that era, I so had my own memories to draw on.

Most of my work on this image was performed between a 400-600% magnification. There are tiny details that cannot be seen without this magnification. BUT…to keep with the authenticity as much as possible…I wanted the details, from the VW Bug, close to a “pile” of cars just before the pier on the right, to the 2 Airstream trailers and a school bus far back under and past their pier. You and I cannot see them without enlarging the image….but they are there, and they have each been restored…silver, yellow with black stripes and all 🙂

It was pure pleasure to restore this image and I look forward to my next restoration right around the corner. ❤


New Screws PIECES Boat Gotham is Screwed Manhattan Island

Screwed…in Gotham

While this image is dark, it does not reflect the darkness in my soul; quite the opposite, actually. It seems I have developed a theme for creating landscapes with screws…go figure.

You know how we sometimes look for that ever-elusive inspiration…waiting and waiting for it… Well, few months ago, a friend of mine posted a photo on Instagram of his entry into New York, titled “Never get sick of this view when coming home”…and the rest was history. Like a shot in the night, my screws came to life. I could see them standing just as the buildings they represented. Of course, I had to have my ever-famous moon shot and, the boat…well, the boat was added for color and balance.

To create this image, my moon shot was from several years ago when I rented a Nikon CoolPix P900 from…just for this shot. The boat was from when I had my Sony Cybershot camera shot when I lived in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (someone has to live in paradise…might as well have been me :). I still have that camera, too!

The screws were shot in two intervals a couple of years apart…but only because I made a huge mistake on my first take…and saved a flattened image and did not know, at the time, how to undo.

With the help of a little smoke, a Flaming Pear and a little magic…this image came into view within a few short/long weeks. As with all creations, these images are not created overnight. Making sure the balance, color blends, focus…and not in focus are all what a normal eye would see is key.

Many viewers of an image might think that saying an image has been Photoshopped means that it was an easy fix. Trust me, that could not be more incorrect. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful computer programs On-The-Planet. And, to be powerful…it is must be complex. Yes, color can be enhanced in a second…but blending colors, making perfect focus vs non-focus points, making two images appear to have been taken in the same shot…honey, that takes education, practice…and more education and practice.

On a closing note, I hope you have an opportunity to view the real image on my KelbyOne Page or on my Gallery Highlights Page. The framing of this image is very special and to not frame our images leaves the viewer wanting more from the image…and I never want to do that. Hope you like!


Diana CJ Wedding Before and After
Mother of the Groom

 ❣️Editing (Is) Everything❣️

“We are exiting the era of photography and entering the era of imagery. The historic notion of photography is expanding and changing forms. It doesn’t matter anymore if you push the button; it’s what you do with the masses of visual material that are now proliferating at breakneck and exponential pace. Because of this Internet-driven evolutionary shift, the act of editing has become the lynchpin. Photography has always been about editing (an act of making visual decisions) but now, these decisions are everything.”

“In this new reality we take on the role of archivist, maker, sifter, and “remixer.” The “eye” is no longer at the center of photography. Now, more than ever, what is between the ears is crucial, as is what you do with the material at your disposal. As images relentlessly multiply, and the global visual output increases, your ability to wield and arrange with power, beauty, and complex control becomes your greatest act.”

“Your” pictures are everywhere. Learn to work with them before you pick our camera back up. The world is your archive. Go edit it.” @Doug Rickard

There is more to Doug’s article, but after reading someone’s comment about SOOC being the end-all, these two paragraphs, alone, really hit home.

Whether we choose our images SOOC or make crazy out-of-reality images…WE ARE ALL ARTISTS, and I am blessed to know each and every one of you. ❤

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