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❣️Editing (Is) Everything❣️

“We are exiting the era of photography and entering the era of imagery. The historic notion of photography is expanding and changing forms. It doesn’t matter anymore if you push the button; it’s what you do with the masses of visual material that are now proliferating at breakneck and exponential pace. Because of this Internet-driven evolutionary shift, the act of editing has become the lynchpin. Photography has always been about editing (an act of making visual decisions) but now, these decisions are everything.

In this new reality we take on the role of archivist, maker, sifter, and “remixer.” The “eye” is no longer at the center of photography. Now, more than ever, what is between the ears is crucial, as is what you do with the material at your disposal. As images relentlessly multiply, and the global visual output increases, your ability to wield and arrange with power, beauty, and complex control becomes your greatest act.

“Your” pictures are everywhere. Learn to work with them before you pick our camera back up. The world is your archive. Go edit it.” @Doug Rickard

There is more to Doug’s article, but after reading someone’s comment about SOOC being the end-all, these two paragraphs, alone, really hit home.

Whether we choose our images SOOC or make crazy out-of-reality images…WE ARE ALL ARTISTS, and I am blessed to know each and every one of you. ❤

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